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Southsea Fest 2012 @ Albert Road, Portsmouth - September 15th


For one day only Portsmouth’s Albert Road is bustling with over 100 bands and thousands of music fans to celebrate the acclaimed Southsea Fest. Southsea Fest is an independent music festival and today it celebrates its 6th anniversary.

Southsea Fest is the best place to find unsigned and upcoming acts from around Britain. Kicking off at midday, and taking place in a range of venues and pubs throughout Albert Road, everywhere you look there’s a band or artist playing.

It’s around 2pm at Southsea Fest and at the One Eyed Dog pub on Elm Grove artist El Morgan performs her county folk, with only an acoustic guitar and her vocals she proves this is all she needs. She has an emotional, raw sound which is spine-tingling. Accompanied by a friend on one of her songs for backup vocals she sings a heartfelt song about her dad and ‘4am’ as a supporting Southsea Fest crowd watch.

Hangmen follow with their amazing rock ‘n’ roll surf sound, with fast guitars and infectious rhythms. Their instrumental set stands out from the other bands playing Southsea Fest today, they’re energetic and fun.

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